Traditional Liquid Treatment - Mainline Liquid 102

Mainline Liquid is based on proven chemistry that has been protecting locomotives for half a century.  


Mainline Liquid is:

  • Hard water tolerant
  • Meets all industry tests and specifications
  • Enviroclear Dye Technology
  • Convenient Packaging Available:
    • 1 gallon jugs
    • 55gallon drums
    • 330gallon totes
    • Bulk service available


Granular Dry Treatment – Mainline Granular 101

Mainline Granular 101 is a traditional Borate/Nitrite based cooling water inhibitor specifically designed for closed loop Diesel Locomotive cooling systems. Mainline Granular 101 is produced via a proprietary process called semi-micro encapsulation. The process forms a small, free flowing granular that is virtually dust free yet dissolves instantly upon contact with water.   

Our product includes an Enviroclear Dye that turns clear when exposed to the environment. Enviroclear dye also turns clear when the treatment becomes ineffective.

Temple's unique funnel bag is a revolution for the industry. The bag is designed so that it will fit the fill neck of expansion tanks to minimize the operators’ exposure to dust during filling. The bag is weatherproof and the product has a shelf life of 2 years.