At Temple Engineering, we continually assess the needs of our clients and respond with a robust chemical program designed around those needs.  We view changes as opportunities to innovate and provide products and services that can better assist our customers in achieving their objectives.

We believe that our focus on the long-term goals of our customers, and our ability and desire to serve as a true partner sharing those goals, will help us build lasting partnerships that produce real results.



Our customers expect the best available products and service, and Temple Engineering is committed to offer those by delivering custom engineered chemical solutions with excellent quality control and dedicated service support.

Temple Engineering has developed a world-class supply chain; used to source, manufacture, and deliver the best chemical solutions available - safely, and on time.  A reliable and robust supply chain allows us to avoid passing on frequent price increases to our customers.

We ensure quality of raw materials by using reputable suppliers, by inspection and/or testing of all shipments, and by archiving certificates of analysis for all raw materials.  We ensure quality through the manufacturing process using strict quality assurance practices, inspection, and testing.   We ensure quality through delivery by using proven shipping companies and by communication with the customer.

Temple Engineering has dedicated staff with railroad experience- used to anticipate customer needs and avoid future pitfalls.  Our staff works with the Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association (LMOA) and the Railway Supply Institute (RSI) and other supply organizations to stay ahead of issues regarding railroads and the use of our products.  Our staff regularly attends conferences and takes courses, so we can share up-to-date information with our customers.



Temple Engineering has a total commitment philosophy on quality.   Product quality must encompass all phases of production; from onsite inspection and approval of critical vendors, manufacturing using batch sheets, and testing and batch tracking- to onsite filling of tanks and product tracking with shippers to ensure the product is delivered safely and on time.


Temple Engineering Quality Goals: 

  1. All Temple Engineering Products can be tracked by batch number from manufacturing to final use.
  2. All customer complaints shall be answered to the customer’s satisfaction.
  3. New products shall be continually researched and tested to bring the best in class to our customers
  4. Products will ship within 24 hours of receipt of purchase order
  5. Service must be done safely and timely.
  6. Product segments will be assessed annually via a 5 step reverse review:
  • What are the customers’ needs and how is the need best met?
  • Are our onsite products and service efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly (ESE)?
  • Are our chemical delivery methods from warehouse to delivery ESE?
  • Are our manufacturing processes ESE? What are the 5 most likely potential quality problems?  Is there a possibility of contamination from outside of the process?  Is there a possibility of contamination from within the process?  Is our testing adequate to determine quality problems?
  • Are we assured that our vendors provide quality products?