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Temple Engineering offers a unique product line to a variety of industry sectors. We offer best in class chemistry and recommendations on handling and dispensing equipment to provide your company with an overall Return on Investment.


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Liberty, MO

Hard times require innovative thinking. If your business is struggling, it may be time to look for top value in a chemical vendor.

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We believe it means:

  • Best available technology.
  • Service that is tailored to your needs.
  • Running our business efficiently to bring savings to our customers.


Product Spotlight

Winter Additive - Cold Flo F100

Cold Flo F100 is a Winter Fuel Flow improver that is effective on distillate fuel used in the transportation industry.

  • Cold Flo 100 has excellent winter weather handling characteristics, allowing it to be blended into cold fuel. *Product pour point is below 0F.
  • Completely soluble in fuel distillates
  • Eliminates fuel blending and related costs
  • Treated fuel provides greater BTU’s vs. blended fuel
  • Helps maintain lubricity of fuel

Cold Flo F100 in available in 2.5 gallon jugs, totes, and bulk