Best in Class

Temple’s cleaner formulation was selected after an extensive review of chemistries being used in a variety of applications. This is an overall superb product.


  • pH friendly formulation – Temple’s cleaner has a pH closer to neutral in comparison to most cleaners and is less irritating to skin
  • Superb Treatability - Easy to treat in waste water treatment plants
  • Easy on Equipment - won't yellow glass or fade paint
  • Excellent degreasing qualities

An Engineering Approach

Temple Engineers will provide a comprehensive engineering approach to your cleaner program.

A Temple Engineer will:

  1. Review the overall operation with the Operators, Facility Managers and your Company’s Environmental Management to thoroughly understand the needs and requirements of the program.
  2. Prove a Flow diagram of the existing program including chemical feed systems.
  3. Provide information for options to improve overall plant performance.
  4. Make recommendations on the correct equipment and dilution rates to optimize cleaning performance.