Custom Chemistry for a Total Solution

Temple Engineering provides custom chemistry for each site.  Unlike our competition, we have the capacity to formulate specialized chemistry to optimize your plant performance. 


Temple Engineering's Custom Chemistry provides you:

  • Wide operating ranges
  • Chemistry that compensates for the hardness and mineral content of local water supplies
  • Optimized chemistry to reduce sludge and overall operating costs
  • pH balanced solutions to compensate for the cleaner load - eliminating the need for separate acid compensation
  • Custom engineered chemical feed programs that minimize manpower and reduce chemical usage
  • A Temple engineer's onsite assistance with chemical handling and transfers


An Engineering Approach

Temple Engineers will provide a comprehensive engineering approach to your treatment program.  A Temple Engineer will:

  • Review the overall operation with the Operator and your Company's Environmental Management to thoroughly understand the needs and requirements of the system
  • Provide an Flow diagram of the existing water treatment plant including chemical feed systems
  • Provide information for options to improve overall plant performance
  • Make recommendations on integrating Custom Chemistry solutions for your plant